What does your child’s natal chart say about their career future?

Published October 4, 2013 by beyondastrology8

Wondering what Jr. would enjoy doing in his job, career or advance education?  Here is an example of what a birth chart may indicate:  Do they naturally fall into working with big groups easily?  Are they destine for foreign travel or higher education?   If the natal chart for example has Neptune in the 6th house ( of work and health) this person may work in the alternative ( feel good) area. Homeopathy, acupuncture or if in the tradition health field may desire to use these tools to help.  This could also indicate that work in general may be emotional and physically draining. 

Another view is the 10th house ( career, recognition or public life)  If this person or child has Jupiter ( the planet of luck) sits in the 10th house. They may have a prestigious life, or work for someone with a prominent job. They may do very well in education and learn quickly, find it easy to climb the ladder. Their work life, may be an extreme focus. 


People’s Life Path

Published September 27, 2013 by beyondastrology8

The greatest thing about astrology is that ‘judgment’ is removed. When the astrologer (the artist, reading the chart) and the Astrology  (the science) come together, it tells a story and that story is YOURS. While we all have choice in our lives, astrology proves time and time again that the birth chart is nearly a perfect match to the person’s personality, home life, work life or success life. My chart states that I am a ‘teacher’ Yet, I am a freedom loving. Intuitive and motivated, therefore I would probably not be a teacher, in the formal sense, yet, more of a helping others improve their lives.

How astrology guided me in life.

Published September 23, 2013 by beyondastrology8

Back in 1994 I was fascinated by the idea of, having my chart read, unlike a psychic or a medium, a seasoned astrologer generates your personal astrology chart. It is amazing, much like a snow flake or a finger print, no two charts are the same.   Unlike your ‘horoscope’ in the local Cosmo Magazine, Your personal astrology is the map of your life that you came in to this world with, the moment you were born. Think of your mother being handed a scroll instead of a birth certificate.

Your day, month, year, exact time and location of your birth need to be very accurate to reflect the accuracy of your astrological mapping.

A chart can show the  individuals, personality, psychology, and time of events in ones life, like a marriage, births, moving, loss, inheritance and an idea of a career path.

A presidential chart

A presidential chart

Charts have layers. The Planets. The Zodiac signs. The Houses. and more, all of these dynamics, give the professional astrologer a ‘snap shot’ of what is going on, who the person is and what may or may not happen.

Thoughts of buying or selling real estate, going for a job interview or wondering about your children’s future can be a passionate exploration with the assistance of an astrology reading.

I have spent many years as a raving fan to my friends and family about the value of a good astrologer in your life. Now, it is time. It is time for me to become the student and take is seriously.  I want to truly help people with this ability. The schooling will take quite sometime but it feels good to Love What You Do!